Need a decent b-side? Call Calexico.

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So, LCD Soundsystem’s decision to put out their latest single All My Friends with covers of that song by Franz Ferdinand and John Cale on the b-side was a pretty popular one eh? Lots of praise, particularly for the ex-Velvets man’s version.

Generally, this is something that I’m very much in favour of. Rather than having some crappy throwaway b-side of a live a live track or a half-hearted remix, get another decent band in to record their version of the a-side – right? And who better to ask then Calexico. The recent b-side of Arcade Fire’s Intervention has them doing a pretty fine take on Neon Bible highlight Ocean of Noise. Then I remembered their cover of Goldfrapp’s Human which turned up as a b-side to the single of that name a few years back. It was actually credited as a remix, but when you have a dusty Americana-mariachi version of an electropop song, with Joey Burns singing the lyrics in Spanish, that counts as a cover in my book. Any more versions like this? I’d like to know…

Download: Calexico – Ocean of Noise (Arcade Fire cover)
Download: Calexico – Human (Goldfrapp cover)

7 Comments for “Need a decent b-side? Call Calexico.”

  1. 1Matthew

    If I had to name my current heroes, I think it would be Calexico. They just seem to be getting steadily better with each album.

  2. 2Nestor

    Wow, that Arcade Fire cover is really quite something. It makes me really want to listen to both Calexico & The Arcade Fire… I probably should’ve given Neon Bible more of a chance

  3. 3Arildho

    Pulp’s single Bad Cover Version had Nick Cave covering their 2006 hit “Disco 2000″ and Roisin Murphy (of Moloko) covering “Sorted For E’s & Wizz”.

  4. 4The Daily Growl

    Ah, I meant other good covers by Calexico, but you’re right, that Nick Cave version is fine indeed.

  5. 5Roberto

    I’ve been trying to hear this cover of Ocean of Noise for ages! Thanks.

    Calexico have done great covers of “Corona” by The Minutemen, and of “Alone Again Or” by Love. By the way, on the Goldfrapp cover, it’s not Joey Burns singing…

  6. 6bridging the atlantic

    their ‘ocean of noise’ cover is absolutely superb.

  7. 7Anonymous

    Also, check out their superb version of Kris Kistopherson’s “Casey’s Last Ride” - better than the original.

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