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Just before the much heralded opening of Rough Trade’s new Brick Lane store later this week (that’s it in the pic above), here’s a related post. As I suggested last week, I finally got round to ripping some of my haul from the Rough Trade Covent Garden shop closing down sale last week. Plenty of bargains to be had – 7 inches at 50p, LPs from £1! This gave me the opportunity to get some records I had previously eyed at a higher price. But more often, just to get some bargains and take a few chances. So I stocked up. Here are some of the sevens. I make no apologies for the occasional vinyl crackle.

First up, Jane Weaver. I saw her several times over the course of a few months about four years ago, in various support slots. I liked her simple acoustic folky pop songs – on one occasion augmented by a whole backing band. But record releases were harder to come by, and I eventually forgot about her. It’s a shame really because she’s pretty good. After buying this 7 inch, I did a quick search and was pleased to find that she’s still around and producing music from her Manchester base. In fact, an album came out earlier this year. I even remembered this particular song – somewhere in the recesses of my memory there is a compartment for tunes which are good enough not to be forgotten.

Download: Jane Weaver and the Meadow – Is Everyone Happy?

I’ve never paid anywhere near full price for a Pilote release. I picked two of his previous albums Doitmowman and King Food on different occasions for a quid in bargain bins. I always liked the woozy ambient electronica made by the man who also answers to the name Stuart Cullen. This particular record was played quite a lot by Rob Da Bank on his Radio 1 show last year, but the Lemon Jelly-esque quirky English pastoral burbling and samples of the lead track By The River is ever-so-slightly irritating. I much prefer the b-side Coltrane. Here it is.

Download: Pilote – Coltrane

I’ve no idea who the Delicious Allstars are. Google searches just show up online record stores selling the same seven inch (this one has it for a fiver!). And I’m sure this is not the same Delicious Allstars that I’ve got. After all, this record is pure loungey 80’s synth-funk. Which is fun, if nothing else.

Download: Delicious Allstars – Poker Night Theme

A couple of weeks ago, Time Out gave a whole four pages to the ‘West London Scene’ that they were trying to create (the online version is here). Seemed to be a bunch of posh kids getting together to watch other posh kids playing guitars. All of which could make the whole thing eminently annoying, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are some decent artists and bands coming out of the ‘scene’. There are likely a whole load of more average ones though. Bobby Cook is linked to all of this, and clubs like Blue Flowers and Way Out West. He’s alright, and can obviously put a half-decent indie-pop tune together. Influenced by Morrissey and the Smiths? Possibly. Great? Not sure. See what you think.

Download: Bobby Cook – Can’t Sleep

Oddly enough I was introduced to Union of Knives by Ian Rankin. Not that I’m on first name terms with the Inspector Rebus novelist though – it was while he was a guest on the old 6 Music breakfast show (with Phill Jupitus) last year, that I heard him enthusing about the Glasgow band (he’s a big music fan, you know). I liked what I heard – sort of dense synth-rock with clattering beats and a certain air of menace. I made a mental note to check out more of their stuff, but never got round to it till I picked up the double 7 inch single Operated On EP in the sale. It’s more of what I was expecting, which is fine enough, but the track I’m posting is a remix, which strips away the noise which presumably exists on the original, and gives it room to breathe. Nice.

Download: Union of Knives – Taste For Harmony (Birdsong Remix)

Diefenbach were a band I first heard being championed by Sean Rowley on his Radio London show a few years ago. These Danes seemed to specialise in shoegazy layered guitars, punctuated by decent beats and harmonies. A very pleasing combination I thought at the time, but never did anything about it. So I was pleased to see this single in the bargain racks. Seems like these guys are still around too, releasing an album last year on Wall of Sound records.

Download: Diefenbach – Make Your Mind

I’m saving the best till last. No, it’s not a Lily Allen tune, but all fans of West London’s first lady will know and love that infectious Professor Longhair piano break in Knock ‘Em Out. Here it is being used again (two years earlier) to even greater effect, as the mysterious people behind the Punchline series of dancehall mash-ups put together a killer tune, laying vocals by Cutty Ranks, Lady Saw and whoever the other ‘friends’ are, on top of the Professor’s tinkling. This one had me dancing round my house like an idiot last night. Yes!

Download: Cutty Ranks, Lady Saw, Reel 2 Real and Friends – Big Chief Longhair (Grubby Roc Remix)

There were more records than this. That’ll do for now, but who knows, I may get round to posting them sometime.

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