We Share Our Crystal Castles’ Health

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As a natural follow-on from yesterday’s post on No Age, here we have Health, fellow LA scenesters and hangers-out at The Smell. I don’t know so much about their music because they’ve not got an album out yet – that comes out on Lovepump United on 18 September. Until then, we’ve got the split 7 inch with so-hot-they’re-liquid Toronto duo Crystal Castles, which is getting people excited all over the blogs at the moment. Thing is though, there are actually two of these sevens.

The above-mentioned one, which seems to be the US release, features Health’s Crimewave (pleasingly rhythmic piece of lo-fi noise) b/w Crystal Castles’ Mother’s Knows Best (decent glitchy shouty electro-pop). The other is one due to hit shops over here next month on the London label Trouble which features a remix of Crimewave by Crystal Castles that completely transforms the track into a blissed-out electro groove. Rough Trade has got it up for pre-order already, probably because it’ll sell out in a flash.

It’ll apparently be available on nice red vinyl when Crystal Castles play their instore at the new Rough Trade East sometime next month. Maybe the association with the over-exposed Canadians will mean that more people will take notice of Health too. They’ve over here themselves in August, and UTR are putting them on at Barden’s. Should be good.

Anyway, here are the tunes:

Download: Health – Crimewave
Download: Health – Bitter Pills
Download: Crystal Castles – Mother Knows Best
Download: Crystal Castles vs. Health – Crimewave

Pre-order the 7 inch from Rough Trade.

Bitter Pills and the Crimewave reworking taken from the BiBaBDi blog, which also has a nice feature on Health.

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