The big catch-up 1: The Voices

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First up in my catch-up is The Voices, hailing from Port Talbot in South Wales, whose new album The Sound of Young America was amongst a bunch of stuff I got from the fine Welsh label My Kung Fu. I’d never heard of them before, and this is actually their second album. Mind you, it’s certainly not lack of quality material that’s keeping them from the glare of national publicity.

It really is a very good album, even if it is one that wears its influences clearly on its sleeve for all to see (or hear?). This is a record very much in debt to early 90s shoegaze bands and their ilk. The sound of young America it certainly ain’t. So we have blissed-out ethereal loveliness conjuring up the spirits of Slowdive on You Shared a Smile I Thought Was True… That’s song’s follow-on companion …You Broke a Heart I Gave to You is pure Spiritualized and the next track Don’t Let Go is even more so. Like other Daily Growl faves The Early Years, they also have a bit of a Krautrock thing going on too – most evident in the album’s title track and on I See Dark Times Ahead, the b-side of their upcoming single.

So far, so derivative it seems. Well, it is, but that’s not damning with faint praise. Honestly, this album is as good as thing shoegaze-Krautrock thing gets. And that is pretty damn good. I think I might even like this album more than The Early Years’ self-titled debut, which I raved about quite a bit last year. If you like your wall of noise warm, melodic and shimmering, with a slight dash of femininity, this album is for you.

I wonder if they’re as good live as I hope they would be. Unfortunately chances to see them if you live outside of Cardiff are looking slim at the moment. Maybe soon…

Download: The Voices – Love
Download: The Voices - …You Broke a Heart I Gave to You
Download: The Voices – I See Dark Times Ahead

Buy The Sound of Young America.

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  1. 1benjamin

    hey there, i am buying up all of the voices back catalogue from itunes, and am not able to get a copy of the single ‘i see dark times ahead’ without buying it for $9 as a single off an ep they released: of which, i’ve already purchased the track from their ’sounds…america’ album, wondering if you could share the link again? it’s from a post you made Friday, 29 June 2007, 16:16 on your old blog, i’ve been following for years now, thanks for your time. ps, if you haven’t heard their last lp, ‘death of a lover’s song’
    it’s worth a gander. plus, i put the link to one of the members new projects myspace above, enjoy, and keep up the great blog! b.

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