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Apologies for my lack of posts recently, and for lack of posts in the near future too. There’s a good reason for this though. On Tuesday morning at 7:06am we were introduced to The Baby Growl for the first time, when she was forcibly evicted from the dark warm place she has called home for the last nine months. She even has a proper name now – Isobel Eve*. But she’s still The Baby Growl as well.
It’s been an intense and amazing experience so far, but also one marked by very little sleep. So catching up on rest and just generally getting used to being a parent is taking priority over blogging at the mo. Normal service should be resumed sometime in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, here are some songs. The first is hardly one of Stevie’s finer moments, but its icky sentimentalism is quite appropriate for me at the moment. The next track from folky oddball Devandra Banhart describes exactly what she is. Well, half of what she is anyway. And finally, a song that I’d completely forgotten about until a friend reminded us of it in a congratulatory text the other day. It is her name after all.

Download: Devendra Banhart – Chinese Children

*In case anyone asks, she isn’t named after Isobel Campbell. We just like the name.

7 Comments for “The Baby Growl is here”

  1. 1jessicajlee

    Beautiful! Congratulations.

  2. 2Simon

    A decent enough excuse for not responding to my last PM, I suppose… seriously, congratulations to all three of you!

  3. 3Matthew

    Congratulations old chap. Be sure and bring her up right though - no emo and no boy bands!

  4. 4jamila FUCKING DANCE

    congrats! awww. such a beautiful name too.

  5. 5Dave Wingrave

    i’m just leaving student halls, so i can relate to being forcibly evicted from a dark, warm place…

  6. 6Tim

    congrats Tim!
    She’s so cute

  7. 7Bobby

    Oh, good work Tim! Congrats! :D

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