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Last week was a particularly good one for new music. And by ‘new’ I mean artists I knew nothing about before last Monday. By the end of Tuesday, I had two new favourites, who I had not only discovered for the first time – I had already splashed out on their latest albums. The first one was Phosphorescent, who I posted on last week. The other was Basia Bulat.

I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard anything about her before. I happened across her myspace via a link from the Homefires myspace (the ace folky-acoustic festival that’s happening in London this weekend). But it turns out that her debut album Oh My Darling is just out on Rough Trade. Not a release on a minor label then. So why have I not seen any press articles or reviews? Maybe I haven’t been looking in the right places, but it would be a shame if she’s going to go unnoticed.

This album was an instant hit with me, full of lovely melodies, gorgeous harmonies and just plain beautiful songs. There’s folky strummings, touches of Americana and lush chamber-pop all to be found within this cracking album. It’s got real mainstream appeal, I reckon, and it could be only a matter of time (an advert maybe) before more people catch on. But then again, my only little complaint about the album is that very occasionally it nudges uncomfortably towards MOR female singer-songwriter fayre. But it would be churlish for me to hold this against Basia, as there’s so much else to savour, and while I’m enjoying the record so much. In some ways, it’s what I had hoped the Feist album might be. I’m happy. This could be one of my soundtracks to the summer.

The other good news is that not only is she playing at Homefires, she’s in the middle of her first UK tour (she’s currently resident in Toronto). Too bad if you’ve missed her already in Glasgow, Dublin and Galway. There’s still some time for tonight in Belfast. Or Thursday in Birmingham. Me, I’m hoping to see her at The Fly on Friday night, unless The Baby Growl has other ideas.

Download: Basia Bulat – The Pilgriming Vine
Download: Basia Bulat – A Secret

3 Comments for “Basia Bulat”

  1. 1lightupvirginmary

    Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed Basia- totally agree that it verges on MOR at times but it manages to stay the right side of the line!

  2. 2anitta

    I’ve been to a couple of her shows here in Canada, following her career for the last couple of years (she is a friend of my daughter; her viola player on the european tour is my son-in-law to be.)
    She is a dynamite young lady, very talented and a very professional performer. Unusual voice.
    Her spanish pieces are spectacular.
    Today is the launch of her CD in Canada - finally!
    I wish her great success.

  3. 3Anonymous

    “it could be only a matter of time (an advert maybe) before more people catch on” - I discovered Basia through the Australian ad for the Volkswagon Eos.
    Absolutely stunning album.

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