There’s going to be Fireworks!

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Today, I’m returning to Fireworks Night. No, not the 5th of November, but the band I first posted on back in February. Then I had a few tracks to impress me. Now I have the whole of their second album As Fools We Are, which is released this week. On first listen a few weeks ago, I liked it, but this is another album to give some time to. It’s a slow burner that will probably seep slowly under your skin if you give it a chance.

Like I said before, Fireworks Night share band members with The Mules, as well as a certain aesthetic. And on What You Don’t Know, even a similar type of song. But to be honest, though the fizzy gypsy waltz of that track is fun, it’s the least interesting thing about them.

That’s because elsewhere on the record, the great thing about the songs is often what’s not there. There’s a certain light touch been given to them. Sure, there are strings, but there’s no over-egging to be found. There’s a sense of space. The lovely melodies are often unencumbered and stripped bare for their inherent beauty to be fully appreciated. The blend of James Lesslie’s (that’s him in the pic) vocals and the harmonies provided by Briony Greenhill and Matt Edmonds are quite gorgeous. There are softly brushed snares and the quiet tinkle of a piano. And on occasions they even crank up the guitars. But you get the impression that everything’s quite measured, deliberate and nothing is done hurriedly or wasted.

There are echoes of some other favourite artists of mine. Like Tindersticks, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and even Richard Hawley. Maybe it’s the sort of late-night vibe I get from the album. Imagine a cracking fire, with a glass of whisky in hand and some good company – or maybe a balmy summer evening in field outdoors – and you’re getting there. There are even elements of a great lost favourite of mine – Lincoln – but without that group’s obvious country influences. But in the end, Fireworks Night are very much their own band, with a unique melancholic sound that’s very much to my taste.

Download: Fireworks Night – Favours for Favours
Download: Fireworks Night – Black Eye

Like I said, the album is out this week on Organ Grinder/Kartel. You can buy it here. Their single When We Fell Through The Ice is out in a couple of weeks. You should get that too, as the b-sides are particularly good too – they include this track, which is possibly the best thing Fireworks Night have done.

Download: Fireworks Night – Echo’s Swing

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  1. 1Anonymous

    You have been very kind about both of my bands - Fireworks Night and the Sussex Wit (with J.F). Thank you. I think you completely get the sense of space we tried to create on ‘As Fools We Are’. Im really glad you enjoyed it.


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