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Last year, it was hard to move far on this blog without some mention of Emmy the Great, but this year it’s been a bit quiet so far. That’s because she’s been pretty quiet. I don’t think there’s been a London gig since her headline show at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen back in January. But now things seem to be moving at camp Emmy again.

First, she’s back on stage – first on tour supporting Emma Pollock this month, then at a few festivals over the summer. And hopefully some more dates as well. Then just last week came news which explains the relative quietness. She’s been recording, and there’s an EP going to be coming out sometime soon on a label set up by her friends at ace London dress-up-and-dance club Viva Cake. No more details on which songs are yet, but whatever they are, it’ll be something to look forward to.

However, all this begs a question. Why does Emmy have to get her friends to put her records out? There may be good reasons for this, but about a year after I wondered if anyone was going to sign her it still hasn’t really happened. I mean your Kate Nashes and Laura Marlings and the like are all very well, but they don’t hold a candle to Emmy in the voice, lyrics or just plain good songs departments. But yet, they’re signed and she’s not. It’s an odd world for sure.

Anyway, this gives me an excuse to post a few tracks I’ve had for a while. Thanks are due for these (and more new Emmy demos) to the people who congregate around the Emmy the Great last.fm page. There are a lot of fine songs there – enough for a decent album’s worth and more. At the Hoxton gig in January she played a few songs I’d never heard before, all of which sounded fantastic – more of Emmy’s already established line of sweet folk-pop. Some of these are posted below. I just love the way that she can be light and frivolous with lyrics about S Club 7 splitting up one minute (Canopies and Grapes) and the next minute delivering, at the end of City Song, some of the most devastating lines I’ve heard in recent pop music.

Download: Emmy the Great – Canopies and Grapes
Download: Emmy the Great – City Song
Download: Emmy the Great – Atoms (new demo)

She’s still only got one official release – you can buy it from Rough Trade Digital .

There are new versions of Two Steps Forward and Aiko on Emmy’s myspace for your listening pleasure…

9 Comments for “Emmy the Even Greater”

  1. 1azltron

    I’ve never heard of her before but canopies and grapes is a great track.


  2. 2Matthew

    Well I’ll take your word on this, but only because it’s you. She’s yet to quite grab me, if I’m honest, but I’ll listen to these at work in the morning and give the new EP a go. If I don’t like those, though, I’m giving up!

  3. 3jessicajlee

    As one of the last.fm folks, you’re welcome!

    If you want any of the other tracks (two steps live, easter parade, etc., let me know).

  4. 4The Daily Growl

    So Matthew, what do you think? Go on - you must like her…

  5. 5lightupvirginmary

    Thanks for that- I love Emmy.

  6. 6Anonymous

    hah,i heard about emmy from this blog, so i posted a massive rar of all my mp3s on last.fm page ages ago, funny how its all come back around.

  7. 7Matthew

    Well well, I like these actually. I may approach with a little less caution.

    New EP here I come…

  8. 8Eddie

    Wow, I’ve never really been able to get into Emmy, but Canopies and Grapes is wonderous.

  9. 9Andy

    mr growl. i got into emmy through your site and i have to agree it’s frightening that she is not signed. maybe she is seeing what she can do as an independent. do artists like her really need to get signed these days? if she can promote her gigs herself on the internet and release everything digitally, where is the need for management/promotion? it’s not like she’s ever going to be huge anyway, although that’s more of a sad reflection on our society than any lack in her talent. emmy and the dirty projectors are my acts of the year so far. can’t wait to see her at borderline in september…

    btw - keep up the great work - your blog rules!

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