Blonde Redhead

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For a band who have been around since 1993 and released six albums already, Blonde Redhead have surprisingly never entered my world until this year. I mean I knew the name, but that’s about it. A shame really, because I really like 23, and subsequently their previous record Misery is a Butterfly.
Now I’m sure that [...]

Singles going steady 2: Avalanches remixes and b-sides

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Second stop on my journey through my old CD singles. This one features my Avalanches CD singles. A year ago I posted some Avalanches remixes of other people’s stuff, and then I wondered out loud when we might see a new album from Melbourne’s finest. A year later and it seems we’re still no closer [...]

Jack, Jamie and the over-enthusiastic blogger

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For the record, Jack is Jack Penate, Jamie is Jamie T, and let’s say the over-enthusiastic blogger is me. Just for example. This story starts a month or so ago with an interesting piece in February’s Observer Music Monthly by ubiquitous commentator Paul Morley, in which he went on about the disappointment that can so [...]

Best of March

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Album of the monthArcade Fire – The Neon Bible
In a month of so many good North American albums (LCD Soundsystem, Marissa Nadler, Panda Bear, Lucinda Williams to name but a few), this is the one for me. The more I listen to it, the better it gets, and it was only further enhanced by the [...]

iLiKETRAiNS / Troubles @ Dingwalls, 29 March 2007

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Some things I learned on Thursday night
1. Camden is still rubbish. It’s a long time since I’ve been to Dingwalls, and Camden town. These days my Camden gig-going is either at the Barfly (Chalk Farm tube) or Koko (Mornington Crescent tube). I’ve not done the walk from Camden Town tube up Camden High Street for [...]

God on the good foot

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It’s a Sunday, so time for some gospel. Or gospel funk to be more precise. Gospel funk? you may ask. What’s that? Well, gospel funk was never a real genre or musical movement, and there were no labels concerned with the funk of gospel, as the sleeve notes of the compilation Good God! A Gospel [...]