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My posts of late have been a bit thin on the ground. That’s because I’ve been mad busy with home improvements and a heap of other stuff going on. But hopefully now something resembling normal service will be resumed.

Here’s some things that were keeping me type faster at work last week, as I combined working my way through a pile of unlistened-to promos with my day job. It’s a direction that I don’t take too often on this blog, but hey, a bit of a change is surely a good thing.

I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in the past dancing to repetitive beats in packed and sweaty clubs, but these days I’ve reverted much more to my indie default. However, it was good to catch up on some of the new electro stuff that’s keeping the kids moving these days. I’d normally leave this sort of thing to much better informed bloggers like headphonesex, but I was enjoying some stuff from the so-hot-right-now Parisians from the Ed Banger label (that’s those crazy moustachioed dudes in the photo above) and here we are. It’s label head honcho Busy P with his recent Rainbow Man tune and one of the other Ed Banger luminaries DJ Medhi with his widely remixed Lucky Boy track. I’m not going to show my ignorance by commenting further – just enjoy these.

Download: Busy P – Rainbow Man
Download: DJ Medhi – Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)

A bit further east to Germany next, and a couple of blokes who should be delivering one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year. This is just the radio edit of Digitalism’s new single Pogo, so I expect the full length version to be a bit more satisfying that the truncated 3:06 one I’ve posted here. It’s no Zdarlight for sure, but still decent enough to keep me going till Idealism drops. And rather than being so-called ‘faceless’ producers, these guys look alright. Pop stars almost.

Download: Digitalism – Pogo (Radio Edit)

Finally back home to the UK, but not quite to the mainland. Just off the south cost on the Isle of Wight, is home to Shakes (not to be confused with The Shakes of course), who deliver probably the best dirty electro in evidence on this post. Their recent single Disneyland, coupled with their fine tune Sister Self Doubt from last year, assures us that the homegrown electro is every bit as good as their continental counterparts.

Download: Shakes – Disneyland
Download: Shakes – Sister Self Doubt

Good though all of this sounds through the headphones, it’s obviously going to sound far better coming out of large bass bins in these packed and sweaty clubs I used to frequent. Time for a return?

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    Mad busy with home improvement? ah, you’ve just got abc1 on freeview, right?

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