James Yorkston and the Hype Machine

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There was an article on The Hype Machine in the Guardian yesterday. Nothing that interesting, and nothing that regular blog-readers don’t already know. But I was interested in the portrayal of a world where “James Yorkston is more popular than James Blunt”.

So I thought I’d put it to the test. Is this really true? And by heck, it is. But only just – by about 2 or 3 tracks at the moment. James Yorkston isn’t really “big in the blogosphere” as the accompanying picture caption to the article suggests (although he should be), and he’s unlikely going to be troubling The Hype Machine’s ‘most popular’ list anytime soon, but I’m going to strike a blow for the better James and give him another Hype Machine hit.

So here’s a track from his debut single on Domino from 2002 – a record I’ve long coveted and only just managed to track down after paying top dollar on Ebay. It’s a remix of the a-side The Lang Toun (’The Long Town’ for all those unfamiliar with Scots) and probably one of Keiran Hebden’s less heard remixes.

Download: James Yorkston – The Lang Toun (Four Tet remix)

I’m hoping to get round to doing a proper James Yorkston post sometime soon.

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  1. 1Simon

    Haha, this couldn’t be me could it?

    I was streaming james from the hype machine quite a lot for about a month before I got his album.

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