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The nation’s independent music shops are slowly closing. I know people have been talking about this for years, but the last six months have seen the closure of Reckless Records and Smallfish in central London alone. A big shame.

Thankfully there are still great shops like Rough Trade. And also thankfully there are people like the Fence Collective, doing their little bit to help the plight of our favourite record emporiums. Their latest compilation Don’t Fudge With the Fence Made, is available from the princely sum of £5.99, but only in a select group of indie shops. These are Unknown Pleasures (St Andrews), Avalanche (Edinburgh), Monorail (Glasgow), One-Up (Aberdeen), Norman Records (Leeds), Resident Music (Brighton) and Rough Trade. If you buy it online from the Fence store, you’ll pay more. So you know what to do.

But why should you buy it anyway? If you’re not familiar with them, the Fence Collective is a er, collective of musicians based around the quaint little fishing village of Anstruther in Fife, who all pursue a similar acoustic / folk / leftfield way of making music, often sharing stages and each other’s songs. They also run a record label called Fence Records on which they put out their tunes, although their most prominent artists - James Yorkston and King Creosote (the ostensible leader of the pack) - release their songs on other labels (Domino and 679 respectively).

It’s not just artists from Fife though. Their roster includes like-minded souls from across the British Isles. So we have Things in Herds from Brighton, Adrian Crowley from Dublin, Hardsparrow from Poole, and Daily Growl fave Barbarossa from London. All of these people are on this delightful compilation, which perfectly showcases Fence in all its melodic, oddball glory. It’s not all acoustic strumming either. Some of the tracks on here have a distinctly electronic bent, but there’s a whole other post in that. Watch this space.

Anyway, check out these tracks, see what you think and if you like what you hear and live in any of the fair cities above, buy the comp and strike a blow for independent music!

Download: The Pictish Trail – All I Own
Download: Things in Herds – You Know

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  1. 1Matthew

    Ah, excellent post. I love the Fence fellas. They seem to have sprouted from Kenny Anderson’s inability to find big label backing after the split of his earlier bands, which seems ludicrous given how brilliant the King Creosote stuff is. I just pray they don’t get big enough to ruin the fun. At the moment this label is the ultimate antidote to the Keane-peddling shite that XFM play and long may King Creosote and his cronies reign.

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