Can’t you see the witch by my side?

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I’m not going to ignore these tracks festering away in my inbox any longer. Ignoring them so far has meant that this post is pretty redundant for anyone keenly looking for songs from the new Yoko Ono album Yes, I’m a Witch. Many people have blogged on this already and many tunes have been posted.

However, if you’re a casual reader, the former Mrs John Lennon does indeed have a new LP out. Except it’s not really new. It’s basically a remix record where a heap of roughly ‘indie’ artists (like Cat Power, Flaming Lips, Jason Pierce, Le Tigre) have been given songs from Yoko’s back catalogue to play around with. The results seem to be that they’ve all kept the vocals and changed everything else.

Now, I have next to no knowledge of Ono’s past material, but I’m quite liking these tunes that I’ve posted below. Probably enough for me to check out the whole album. Blow Up turns Every Man, Every Woman into fuzzy guitar pop number, Peaches does her normal dirty electro thing on Kiss Kiss Kiss, and my favourite is Antony Hegarty’s reworking of Toy Boat, a song originally written by Yoko just after Lennon’s death. Don’t expect Johnstons-type material, though Antony does lend his ‘backing vocals’ to this lovely track.

Download: Yoko Ono / Blow Up – Every Man Every Woman
Download: Yoko Ono / Peaches – Kiss Kiss Kiss
Download: Yoko Ono / Antony – Toy Boat

Buy Yes, I’m a Witch.

Read an interview with Yoko Ono about the album in The Sunday Times.

And finally, this allows me to post a tenuous witch-related connection. Any excuse to put up the mad psychedelic genius of The Rattles’ Witch, first heard (by me) on the awesome Pete Fowler Sound of Monsterism Island compilation.

Download: The Rattles – Witch

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