MIA and the topical news tie-in

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Looks like MIA’s much awaited return to action was pretty topical then. So bang up to date was it that the video for her new song Bird Flu hit the internet at the very time when the UK was all in a tizzy about the bird flu outbreak at some industrial battery turkey farm in Suffolk. Conincidence or what? Anyway, for someone who loved MIA’s debut album Arular a couple of years ago, I’m well pleased with the comeback track. Though unlike MIA, I’m not very bang up to date, posting this well over a week after the vid first appeared. Oh well. By the way, Fun Fun Fun has the mp3 of the track.

In a tenuous MIA link, here’s her ex-fella Diplo, with his totally ace remix of my tune of last month, Turbulence’s Notorious. Not need to describe it further - just listen!

Download: Turbulence - Notorious (Diplo Vocal Mix feat. Sandra Melody)

Not got Arular? You should.

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    this track was nice.. can u please re-post it?

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