Arcade Fire @ St John’s - day two

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Just so I can keep up with the happenings across the week of Arcade Fire gigs in London, I’ve got a few more posts lined up by friends and others I’ve tapped for reviews. So here’s one from sometime Daily Growl contributor Reverend War Character, who took his 13-year old son Evan to the gig last night. It wasn’t intended to be a ‘proper review’, he just sent me an email this morning about the gig, but I’ve just used it, with a couple of edits.

“Arcade Fire were wonderful last night. The only downer was waiting for 40 minutes in queue outside then another hour and 15 minutes inside. Must have been thousands of starving singer songwriters who’d have happily supported them for free. Chris Martin was there - even a quick chorus of Yellow would have broken the tedium.

Then at 8.30 the lights dimmed slightly and there was a buzz from the back of the hall. AF trooped en masse into the aisle between the two main blocks of seating and did the acoustic version of Wake Up with the megaphone. I guess it’s the encore on the steps from the previous night. Evan and I were almost at the back of the front block so we had a great view - you could see the whites of their eyes.

The rest of the set ran thru most of Neon Bible - Black Mirror made a lot more sense live although highlight of the new stuff for me at moment is Antichrist Television Blues - Cashesque shuffle. Much swapping of instruments, Win storming the audience and climbing across the seats of the front block for Rebellion, plus a complaint that they’d had trouble on Monday evening since folks thought they were in church! (I think this refers to the ‘quietness’ of the crowd on the first night, but I reckon I know why that was - DG) Evan was suitably blown away by them. Good night out except for lack of support.”

Sounds mighty fine. Enjoy the gig tonight, anyone who’s going!

Download: Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

There are some very good photos of Tuesday’s gig at 2kiwis (from where I took the top photo). seabadger has some of the band playing Wake Up in the middle of the church (from where I took the other one).

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  1. 1ben

    Just came back from their first show in Montreal. They were great. Be thankful, we waited outside the church for a hour in -30C.

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