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I’ve just realised that all the bands and artists in my long list of tips for 2007 are British (or at least British-based). But maybe that’s not a surprise. After all, that’s where I’m from, and I can leave the North American-based tips to my blogging brethren across the Atlantic. Looking forward to hearing theirs. In the meantime I’ll press ahead with my next instalment – today, singer-songwriters. All young, solo people with good songs and a lot to offer in 2007.


All I’ve heard from Adele is a three tracks, but there’s quite a buzz about her already. So much so that she’s been signed to XL records (though she hasn’t appeared on their website yet). I’m not sure when she’s got anything coming out (maybe summer-ish?) but I expect great things from her. She’s got an impressive vocal range, and though you could probably describe her as ‘acoustic soul’, that probably does her a dis-service. However her listing of influences such as Jill Scott and Erkyah Badu alongside more expected singer-songwriter greats such as Billy Bragg and Karen Dalton sounds about right. Daydreamer is a lovely song, and what are the bets on it being her first single? It could be a smash.

Download: Adele – Daydreamer
Download: Adele - My Same

Read more: Music Like Dirt discusses Adele with Scroobius Pip, then goes and sees her live
Watch: Adele singing Daydreamer (though the sound and picture quality are pretty crap)
Buy: Nothing as yet, but I’ll definitely keep you posted
See her live: supporting Mr Hudson and the Library in February

Laura Groves

I first came across Laura on a Queens of Noize folk compilation, and her song I am Leaving became an instant favourite of mine. She’s 19 (a whole year older than Adele) and from Shipley in West Yorkshire. She plays guitar and piano, and already comparisons have been made to Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom, and even better to Joni Mitchell. Her songs are simple and beautiful, and her voice, pure and clear, carries the tunes perfectly. So far, her performances in London have been few and far between, which may have added to the buzz, but as far as I can see, she remains unsigned. I’m sure she won’t stay that way for long.

Download: Laura Groves – I am Leaving
Download: Laura Groves - Can’t Sleep (live)

Read more: on Cross the Pond podcast, The White Noise Revisited gets excited by Coast
Watch: Laura performing Bridges in Bradford
Buy: Nothing yet, but again, I’ll keep you posted
See her live: at Madame Jo-Jos supporting Piney Gir on 17 January

Kate Nash

I only posted about Kate Nash a few days ago, and I think she’s definitely worth a bet for 2007. Another 19-year old singer-songwriter, she’s been getting some rave reviews, and she’s signed up to Moshi Moshi for one of their singles club 7 inch releases which is out in early February. She used to be an aspiring actor till early last year, when rejection for a part, and breaking her foot made her launch herself into music. She’s obviously made a bit of an impact in the short time since then, in a way that’s sure to make many more singer-songwriters more than a bit jealous. But such attention does seem to be deserved. Like Adele, she’s a definitely London-accented singer, with a less soulful but still hugely attractive sound.

Download: 3 Kate Nash live tracks on my previous post

Read more: Her artist page at Moshi Moshi, Another Form of Relief likes The Nicest Thing
Watch: Kate performing Birds in Brighton
Buy: Pre-order Caroline’s a Victim from Rough Trade
See her live: Supporting Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly in January, at her single launch at The Foundry on Old Street – 31 January and 1 February

Emmy the Great

The Daily Growl has shown a lot of love for Emmy the Great throughout 2007, from the moment I first saw her supporting Tilly and the Wall back in February. She’s been consistently played on all every musical format in the Growl house since then, and she’s the artist I saw live most in 2006. So I’m expecting that more people are going to be taking interest in her in 2007, once they realise how good her songs are. Hopefully her Scott Matthews support tour will introduce her to much wider audiences, and maybe secure her a record deal beyond the mooted Moshi Moshi singles club 7 inch release.

Download: Emmy the Great – Absentee (live on Xfm)
Download: Emmy the Great – Edward is Dedward (live on Xfm)

Read more: Sweeping the Nation has a chat with Emmy
Watch: Emmy making her New York debut last month
Buy: Secret Circus 7 inch from Pure Groove, or Rough Trade Digital
See her live: Full band headline show at Hoxton Bar and Grill on 18 January, supporting Scott Matthews at the end of January

Jack Penate

Onto the boys now. Like Kate Nash, I’ve also recently posted an Xfm session by Jack Penate. As I said then, I’ve had to reconsider my opinion of Jack because the first time I saw him (supporting Lily Allen last July) I wasn’t that impressed, but then came his 7 inch single Second, Minute and Hour / Got My Favourite which I really liked. If he’s got more of that sort of perky, scratchy funkiness stuff up his sleeve, he’s definitely going places in 2007. He’s also signed to XL, via their Abeano / Young Turks imprint, so more will be forthcoming soon, which will hopefully keep my mind changed to the positive.

Download: Jack Penate – Second, Minute and Hour
Download: 3 more live tracks on my previous post

Read more: small feature on BBC London (not a lot else out there)
Watch: Jack Penate Spit at Stars / Café de Paris footage (anyone else think this track sounds like Kenicke’s Punka?)
Buy: Looks like the Second, Minute and Hour 7 inch is all sold out, so download the lead track and wait for the next release (maybe March)
See him live: supporting Amy Winehouse at the Astoria on 19 February

Ali Love

Ali Love at a mere 25 years is the old man (by at least a couple of years) of this bunch of bright new hopes. He’s the one responsible for last year’s decadent anthem of London nightlife, K-Hole, all east London drugs and West End sleaze. I’m no fan of the NME, but their inclusion of K-Hole at no. 30 in their tracks of the year may well give Ali a leg up. He’s released a couple of 7 inches – K-hole and Camera on a Pole EP to some acclaim. No news of further releases or live dates on the horizon, but he’d be a fool not to make a push of it this year. Strike while the iron’s hot, man.

Download: Ali Love – Lost in the K-Hole (live on Xfm)
Download: Ali Love – Camera on a Pole (live on Xfm)

Read more: interview with Disorder
Watch: Ropey footage of Video Dream Girl from Brighton
Buy: K-Hole and Camera on a Pole from Rough Trade

11 Comments for “Big in 2007? The singer-songwriters”

  1. 1Simon

    I agree it’s going to be a big year for female singer-songwriters, if only because there hasn’t been an influx of them like this for some time. I’d also mention Rose Kemp (PJ Harvey/Bjork-esque daughter of Maddy Prior from Steeleye Span), Laura Marling (16 year old who’s been called the female Jamie T and was on that all-star Janie Jones cover), Mechanical Bride (Transgressive-signed Kate Bushish folkie), Kat Flint (a more intimate Thea Gilmore) and Morvern Callar (British Martha Wainwright type who’s supported James Morrison).

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Thanks for the tips mate. I think I may have seen a bit of Rose Kemp at the End of the Road Festival. Heard of Morven but not the others. So cheers. I’ve also rectified a glaring ommission and linked to your ‘friendly chat’ with Emmy at STN.

  3. 3music like dirt

    Fantastic to see Adele getting more coverage. Have you seen other people bigging her up then? I havn’t seen her mentioned much… but its only a matter of time :)

    Loving all the 2006/2007 stuff. You’re firing the posts out at the moment!

  4. 4she likes sam

    finger right on the button, have seen jack, kate, adele and emmy many times this year too. you should check out peggy sue and the pirates who have played a few times with kate and are set to have a great year next year (they have a residency at camden proud galleries jan/feb)

  5. 5Anonymous

    johnny flynn and kid harpoon are also ace solo acts…

  6. 6Anonymous

    looks like yet another public school big nosed front wheeler.. what ever happened to poor folk actually sounding like poor folk?.. you can stick your prince harry and your cocaine up your arse.. and adele looks like matt lucas… fuck the ruling class

  7. 7Anonymous

    why dont you do the proper musicians in this country a favour and fuck off and run a bank or a call centre or something? last thing this country needs is another public school legacy like we had with the floyd.. i notice most of you posh wankers cross reference the clash before the public school bands.. is that not a sign? this country needs more shaun ryders less noel gallaghers..more poets less bank managers

  8. 8Anonymous

    Could i just add that adele is one 12 pinting skank who makes oasis look like the happy mondays.. money doesnt equate talent bubbelah..theres a stinking hegenomy in this country that needs to be addressed if talentless shapeless pigs like that “someones daughter/son” gets any type of recognition.. sean ryder is god noel gallagher is the devil :)

  9. 9Anonymous

    why is everyone moaning about class within music at the moment? who cares if someone is from a wealthy background or a privaledged upbringing? that aint what got them signed!
    you make it sound like working class musicians aint getting signed cause they aint from money!? when that aint the case..ither they aint been heard yet or aint got the tunes!

    and i disagree with you on adele. shes got the most talent out of all the new singer songwriters. shes got a real voice that dont need to be disguised by an accent or a style to get it noticed! who cares that shes aint slim! and good on her if she can drink 12 pints!
    also, putting adele in the public school, ruling class box is bullshit, shes common as muck!

  10. 10adele

    Adele is the best talent for 2008.
    She had no wealthy background just talent.
    Listen to her album 19 and chasing pavements and see for yourself.


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