Arcade Fire @ St John’s - day two

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Just so I can keep up with the happenings across the week of Arcade Fire gigs in London, I’ve got a few more posts lined up by friends and others I’ve tapped for reviews. So here’s one from sometime Daily Growl contributor Reverend War Character, who took his 13-year old son Evan to the gig [...]

Arcade Fire @ St John’s Smith Square, 29 January 2007

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After the Joanna Newsom gig the other week, I felt like I had reached the pinnacle of live music and just didn’t need any more for a while. I even didn’t mind when I had to flog my tickets for Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanagan last week. But what better to drag me out of [...]

Arcade Fire tonight

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Not just the gig, but busking on the steps afterwards too!
Here’s the set list. More tomorrow, after I get some sleep.
Black Mirror’‘Keep the Car Running’‘No Cars Go’‘Black Wave/Bad Vibrations’‘Haiti’‘My Body Is A Cage’‘Ocean Of Noise’‘Rebellion (Lies)’‘Intervention’‘Windowsill’‘Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)’‘The Well And The Lighthouse’
‘Antichrist Television Blues’‘Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)’‘Wake Up’ (outside)
Update: while I work on my review [...]

The mysterious seven

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A quick one this morning then. But I couldn’t elaborate even if I wanted to. It’s pretty hard to find any information about the mysterious duo that call themselves Various (or Various Productions). But the important info is that they’ve sneaked out another 7 inch. This one’s on their own label and not XL which [...]

Learn to sing like a star

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I wonder what Simon Cowell would make of Kristin Hersh? It’s not a question that’s coming to come up a lot, but I just wondered, because the title for Kristin’s new album is related to American Idol. More specifically, to a regular piece of email spam she got, offering her (and thousands more) the chance [...]

Happy Burns Night

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Tonight is Burns Night, when Scots the world over (especially the ex-pats) gather to remember our national poet Robert Burns by means of a Burns Supper. I’ve not sure why he’s so famous, but it’s the closest thing we’ve got to a national day and it’s always a good celebration. And he, for better or [...]

Emmy the Great / Laura Groves / Noah and the Whale @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, 18 Jan 07

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Last Thursay night in East London was a bit chaotic. Liverpool Street Station and the street outside was closed off and the traffic was backing right up Shoreditch High Street. The absence of buses going to Hackney meant that the streets were full of disgruntled communters trudging north. I was in that crowd, but I [...]

These are some Serious Times

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Despite being a big reggae fan, my listening is mostly restricted to stuff from the past. The Soul Jazz Studio 1 comps and the Dynamite! CDs are piling up in my collection, but I rarely touch modern stuff. Why not? Well I guess I haven’t liked what I heard that much. On one hand [...]

Joanna Newsom & The LSO @ The Barbican, 19 Jan 07

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Going to see Joanna Newsom at the Barbican was a bit of a step up for me. Firstly quite literally, as we had to make our way up to the gods to look down at Joanna, faraway on the stage below. But also because the last time I saw her live, it was at the [...]

A smattering of jazz funk greats

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I’ve been listening to a bit of 4Hero lately. Mostly because I had to review it for The Downloader, but it wasn’t a chore. I quite liked it, with the emphasis on ‘quite’. There are some good songs on there, and it’s worth seeking them out amongst the less good ones. Here are a couple [...]