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To be honest, I don’t know that much about Kate Nash. From a cursory internet search, I’ve discovered that she’s a mere 19 years old, and that she loves Harrow (the area of way out North West London where she hails from) and garageband. She also loves cake. There’s been a bit of a buzz about her around. From what I can hear, her music is pretty good. She did a live studio session for John Kennedy on Xfm at the beginning of December, and these are the songs she played. Birds and The Nicest Thing are lovely acoustic tunes. Caroline’s a Victim is an unusual version of her slightly sleazy electro-rock tune, which is going to be her debut single. It’s all good stuff, and no doubt her lyrics, delivered with London-accented glottal stops are going to get her mentioned in sentences with words like ‘Lily’ and ‘Allen’ in the very near future. She’ll be one of my tips for 2007 next week, for sure.

Download: Kate Nash - The Nicest Thing (live on Xfm)
Download: Kate Nash - Caroline’s a Victim (live on Xfm)
Download: Kate Nash - Birds (live on Xfm)

Update: For more recent Kate Nash live tracks (including Merry Happy), head over to this post.

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  1. 1Eddie

    Yay, someone else gets on board the Nash train!

    Thanks for these, it’s great to finally have a better quality version of The Nicest Thing.

  2. 2JoLou

    Fabulous! I heard Kate’s track Birds on the radio last night/this morning and loved it - thanks, I had to have it, she’s awesome!

  3. 3Anonymous

    yeah, kate nash is amazing! she seems to be getting quite some attention lately.
    listen to merry happy. it’s her best song! absolutely fabulous. i never get sick of it…


  4. 4Haley m

    oh my gosh …
    I went to secondary and primary sch with kates sis and remeber kate from being just lil girls ….

    She made it, and in style!

    her music is beautiful just like her …

    weldone kate! x

  5. 5Anonymous

    how come i cant download her songs when i click on them :(

  6. 6The Daily Growl

    Don’t click on them - right click and save as.

  7. 7Nick.

    It says “bandwidth exceeded” :(

    Can anyone mirror them somewhere else…?

  8. 8Anonymous

    This just sums up blogs, someone writes a blog about Kate Nash opening with ‘To be honest I don’t know that much about Kate Nash…’. If this is the case, STFU until you do. As far as I’m concerned, I know all I need to know about Kate Nash, her single sounds like Kathy Burke making up lyrics as she goes along over a crappy backing track, she truly and iredeemably sucks

  9. 9The Daily Growl

    Oh dear, angry person - angry enough to vent your spleen, but not courageous enough to put your name to it.

    Bear in mind that this post was written in December when there wasn’t a hell of a lot of info out there about Kate Nash. You’ve obviously just heard her now, 6 months later, when after a lot of promo there’s a lot more Kate Nash info and music around. I liked her tunes then, so I wasn’t going to wait till her Wikipedia entry filled up with facts before posting.

    You don’t like them? That’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I bet you like some pretty shitty music too (in my opinion of course!)

  10. 10Anonymous

    kate na sh is beutiful in everyway

    her music and voice are amazing

  11. 11Anonymous

    If ANYONE has Kate Nash’s song Dickhead, Stitching Leggings, Habanera, Caroline’s a victim (live acoustic), Like Maybe or Birds, PLEASE can you email me it?!

  12. 12MJ

    I disagree with the people who say that Kate Nash sounds like Lily Allen. Of course there are similarities, but actually, I think she’s more of a mix-up of Lily Allen and Regina Spektor.
    We need more like Regina and Lily and Kate in the US!

  13. 13bloomingauthor7

    yeah, i definitely think you can hear the regina spektor in there too.

  14. 14Anonymous

    I’m from California…and I can’t for the life of me, can’t get a hold of her CD, apart from eBay that is…

    But she is great…

  15. 15The Daily Growl

    If it’s an album CD you’re after, it’s not out yet, so that’s why. I think it comes out next Monday (6 Aug) in the UK. Don’t know about the US. Her only previous releases have been a limited 7 inch single on Moshi Moshi records (long sold out and fetching high proces on eBay) and the Foundations single which came out in June.

  16. 16Anonymous

    I’m so happy.. thank goodness for blogs and the likes… hope this makes sense but I heard Regina Spektors song “fidelity” (and it breaks my hea.a.a..a.a.a.a.art).. once or twice and never knew who sang it but I really liked it.. then it just seemed to disappear… then when I heard Kate Nash, I presumed it was her who sang that song too, but having bought the album and cjeked out you tube I was confused as it was no where to be found! Where was this little song with the video that had black and white tiles in it? Then I stubled along this blog, and saw regina spektor, looked her up and BAM! there it was! Now I have lots of new music to listen to! horray! ;0)

  17. 17Anonymous

    sorry bout the spelling mistakes there! (brain a bit frazzled)

  18. 18lukog

    Hi, I heard at first her singel Foundations, when I was on Isle of Man. I am from Slovakia and I love Kate Nash, she is amazing and briliant. I haven`t got words. She is verz good and her music is so great.

  19. 19Anonymous

    omg i love kate nash!!!
    n plus she comes from harrow!!! woop

  20. 20Anonymous

    yeh kate nash is the reason why im learning to play bass accustic and piano i guess you could say that she brought on the musical side of me lol GO KATE NASH!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21Anonymous

    hi holly again lol i love kate nash’s songs thay r da best lol

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