That was the year that was

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Well, that was 2006 then. It’s been a good 12 months. Just a quick one then, before I get dressed up for my NYE party, and it’s really just a compilation of my best-of-2006 lists. More for my own sidebar-linking convenience than anything else, but here you have all my favourites in one place, and [...]

Tops films of 2006

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Although The Daily Growl is a music blog, film is my other big love. However, this year, I think that music seemed to edge out film a little for me, and I definitely went to the cinema less than usual. However, there were still loads of good films around and I saw some of [...]

Kate Nash

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To be honest, I don’t know that much about Kate Nash. From a cursory internet search, I’ve discovered that she’s a mere 19 years old, and that she loves Harrow (the area of way out North West London where she hails from) and garageband. She also loves cake. There’s been a bit of a [...]

Jamie T @ The 12 Bar Club, 27 December

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Jamie T has played the 12 Bar Club before. Early in the year, I think, under the banner of his Panic Prevention Disco. Tonight he’s reprising it for what surely must be the last time. Popular though he was before, the previous nights couldn’t have been as rammed as this one. And they probably didn’t [...]

Artists of 2006

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So here’s the last of my musical look-backs at 2006, before I begin to look forward to next year. I thought I’d do a top artists of the year. This is basically a short compilation of people that I’ve loved this year, for a variety of reasons. Here goes.

1. Lily Allen. For releasing a great [...]

James Brown RIP

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I would never have thought that my first post back after Christmas would be a RIP to James Brown. The Godfather of Soul departed this world early on Christmas day, a rather fitting time for a man whose larger-than-life character was so prominent across the music world for so long. My only regret was that [...]

Stepping into Christmas with me…

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Christmas is always upon us. And I’ve only just finished my shopping. In the rush to finish off my best of 2006 lists, I haven’t been purveying much of the usual music-blog Christmas cheer, with accompanying mp3s. After all, ‘Christmas’ is the most searched word on the Hype Machine at the mo, so there must [...]

Top 20 songs of 2006

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Here are the songs (or maybe that should be ‘tracks’) then. I’ve laboured (intermittently) long and hard over these, because it’s pretty impossible to choose 20 songs from so many great ones this year. I’ve restricted myself to tunes that have been given an official UK release inthis year. The thing is, these probably aren’t [...]

The Daily Growl top 10 gigs of 2006

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While I’m trying to work out what my top 20 songs of the year are (so many songs, so hard to choose!), I’ll press ahead with the next installment in my end of the year best of lists - my favourite gigs of the year. And because I’m not finding much time to post these [...]

Top 20 albums of 2006: 10 - 1

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10. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie MountainI struggled to love TVOTR’s debut Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes, but this album is a different matter altogether. It’s more accessible for sure, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone pop. Their music’s not particularly immediate, but is dense, complex and beautiful, There are finely blended, harmonised [...]