Good new things

Wednesday, 29 November 2006, 17:44 | Category : Uncategorized
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First, this week’s Contrast Podcast is out. I’ve got a bit of an agenda because I’m on there, but it’s as good as usual. This weeks’s theme is Chickens and other birds. There’s a good few avian crackers there. Mind you, I really must brush up on my intros – work out how to use the audio recorder on my camera better, and breathe properly.

The second is not quite as new, but still less than a week old. After a couple of weeks of missed deadlines, the new Rough Trade digital website is now with us. And it sure has been worth the wait! It seems to use the same platform (is that the right term techies?) as, and naturally will share many of the same artists. But there’s a definitely a Rough Trade Shop twist, where they have some of the exclusive releases that they have on their counter and walls – some only available for a short time. There’s also a redesign for the shop website, if you’re interested in old-fashioned things like CDs and vinyl. Of course you are!

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