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So the Danielson Family Movie screening at Grace Church Hackney on Sunday night went well. There was a good load of people to see the film - probably more than we expected for a band which has such a particular cult appeal. But then again, maybe it’s not so surprising given that Danielson’s Luminaire show on Sunday has long sold out.

Anyway, the film? I thought it was pretty good. Quite an intimate portrait of Daniel Smith and his (extended) family, and you end up feeling that you know him quite well. The fact that a lot of the film focuses on his/their Christianity shouldn’t put you off too much, because that’s exactly what they are, and their faith totally informs their work. Which is fairly consistently good, if a little unsettling. I loved the vox pop with the rock dude who said even though he was in a metal band, Danielson freaked him out (and that was a good thing).

An hour and a half in an uncomfortable pew maybe made the film seem a bit longer than it would in more comfortable surroundings. The movie could probably have done with a bit more judicious editing, though some of the bits that initially seemed meandering and pointless – like Daniel pontificating about the ‘concept’ for his solo work – end up being worthwhile when we see the end product – in this case his ‘salesman’ stage show.

And at the end we get the rare sight of Sufjan smiling, winking and giving a thumbs up – surely a pose rarely seen and one worth waiting for.

Head over to Three Pink Monkeys for another view of the show, which isn’t too different from mine. Heck, becuase she was quicker off the mark than me, I should have just pointed you in her direction instead of rambling on here. And because I forgot my camera, even the photos are hers. Credit where it’s due.

Anyway, all this Danielson stuff is setting me up nicely for the Luminaire show on Sunday night. Can’t wait. Also can’t stop posting Danielson tracks. Just as well that I’m not going to run out of good ones any time soon…

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  1. 1Charlie

    I got to see the film at Cornerstone music festival last July and really enjoyed it. They are unique and it was a great story.

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