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Looks like I came in 17th in the Digital Music Award for music blogs. I guess that’s not too bad. Not as big as the Streets or Madonna, but at least I can say I’m bigger than Lemar. More importantly, well done to my more illustrious British blogging peers – headphonesex, Nothing but Green Lights and Indie mp3, who are all bigger than Madonna.

Have you been to music like dirt for his amazing Alright, Steal post on all the tracks sampled by Lily Allen on Alright, Still? If not, what are you doing? Get over there right away! It’s a very fine compilation that he’s giving away.

After the sad demise of the Blue Room radio show, Rob da Bank is back on Sunday nights (well Monday mornings really) with a new show. Heard it for the first time this week. It’s pretty good. Much like the Blue Room, except without any pressure to be Balearic (whatever that is). Listen to it here.

And a week after returning from Sicily, and I’m still missing the Sicilian sun (that’s some of it in the photo above). Especially when I’m looking out of the office window and seeing a storm of Biblical proportions appear on the horizon. Well, at least it’s not cold yet. I’ve got a few photos of sunnier times there on my Flickr photostream. And being where it was, mention of the holiday is a perfect opportunity to post some music from the Godfather.

Download: Nino Rota – The Godfather Waltz
Download: Nino Rota – Love Theme

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  1. 1Tim

    i’d love some sicilian sun, got absolutely drenched by our british weather today. Well done on being 17th, thats pretty damn good.

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