Everything comes back to Pavement

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Here’s a new thing on The Daily Growl. A guest post! Oh yes. It’s the first in which may be an occasional, or even regular thing (a column?) from ‘reverend war character’. You never know. Here’s what he suggested.

“everyone’s rightly getting steamed up over the new irs REM compilation. let’s acknowledge that all things ultimately come back to pavement by posting their classic ‘unseen power of the picket fence’. lyrics below.

Some bands I like to name check,
And one of them is REM,
Classic songs with a long history
Southern boys just like you and me.
R - E - M
Flashback to 1983,
Chronic Town was their first EP
Later on came Reckoning
Finster’s art, and titles to match:
South Central Rain, Don’t Go Back To Rockville,
Harbourcoat, Pretty Persuasion,
You were born to be a camera,
Time After Time was my least favourite song,
Time After Time was my least favourite song.
The singer, he had long hair
And the drummer he knew restrait.
And the bass man he had all the right moves
And the guitar player was no saint.
So lets go way back to the ancient times
When there were no 50 states,
And on a hill there stands Sherman
Sherman and his mates.
And they’re marching through Georgia,
we’re marching through Georgia,
we’re marching through Georgia
They’re marching through Georgia,
we’re marching through Georgia,
marching through Georgia
and there stands REM
(Aye Sir, Aye Sir, Aye Sir they’re coming, Aye Sir, move those wagons, Aye
Sir, Artillery’s in place Sir, Aye Sir, Aye Sir, hide it, hide it, Aye Sir, run, run.)

As you can probably guess, he’s a big Pavement fan. But it’s a good tune. And any excuse to post Pavement, which I don’t believe I’ve done yet. Off the Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain special edition. Check it.

Download: Pavement - Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

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  1. 1musiclikedirt

    Nice guest slot!

    Thanks again for the gig last night… now I got to get around to a review. Posted some pics on Flickr which you are welcome to use if you want. Theyre not great, but since I’m still a gig behind and might not use them myself.

    Enjoy your hols :-)

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