Endings… part 2

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It’s over. An ending I’m genuinely sad about. After four years or so, The Blue Room has come to an end. For those who don’t know it, it was a late night radio show running from 5am till 7am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, hosted by Rob da Bank (Sat) and Chris Coco (Sun). It was much more than a post-clubbing ‘chill out’ show. Their unique blend of house, electro, folk, reggae and indie rock was for me the perfect radio programme. It was the only one that I listened to consistently. Hardly ever when it was actually on, mind. But due to the wonders of the BBC’s listen again function, it was the soundtrack to four hours of my working week, making the days go past in a happier way. So farewell then boys. Rob da Bank has a new programme on Sunday nights, Chris Coco is off somewhere into the sunset, maybe to continue his slightly dubious other job as Robbie Williams’ tour DJ. They introduced me to a whole heap of great music that I heard for the first time on their show. Here’s some of them, just to celebrate.

Download: The Go! Team – Everyone’s a VIP to Someone
Download: The Electric South Featuring Bob Lind – Sing!
Download: J*Star – Tooting Gangster
Download: Sebastian Tellier - La Ritornelle
Download: The Shortwave Set - Is it any Wonder?
Download: Max Sedgely - Happy (Spiritual South Go Happy in Rio mix)

You can still listen to the last Blue Room shows on the BBC website. You should.

In their time in the Blue Room chairs, Rob ‘n’ Chris put out a couple of spin-off compilation CDs. I have neither, but the tracklistings look pretty fine. Check them out: Buy Blue Balearic and/or buy Listen Again.

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  1. 1Anonymous

    I too salute Robbie the Jobbie and Chris Coco. Welcome in Blue Room, Blue Room, Blue Room. Sigh….au revoir. Where goeth the Milkman now?

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