Endings… part 2

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It’s over. An ending I’m genuinely sad about. After four years or so, The Blue Room has come to an end. For those who don’t know it, it was a late night radio show running from 5am till 7am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, hosted by Rob da Bank (Sat) and Chris Coco (Sun). [...]

Endings… part 1

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I’m way late with this valedictory post. Everyone else has posted about the demise of Arab Strap already, but I thought that it would be churlish for their departure to go unremarked on The Daily Growl. I guess my lack of urgency is something to do with the fact that I wasn’t their biggest fan. [...]

Everything comes back to Pavement

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Here’s a new thing on The Daily Growl. A guest post! Oh yes. It’s the first in which may be an occasional, or even regular thing (a column?) from ‘reverend war character’. You never know. Here’s what he suggested.
“everyone’s rightly getting steamed up over the new irs REM compilation. let’s acknowledge that all things [...]