I believe in the way you move

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I’ve recently come to appreciate Jeremy Warmsley. I first heard about him because discovered he is a friend of Daily Growl fave Emmy the Great. Maybe that’s an odd way to go about it, since JW is the signed artist with an album on the way, whereas Emmy isn’t. But hey, the music world works that way sometimes. Jeremy and Emmy even appeared in one of the style mags earlier in the year (Dazed?)

Anyway, I did some research on the man who calls himself ‘J-Wo’ on his forum. If you’re not familiar with him, in Jeremy’s own words (or at least his website’s) he “writes songs in his head and then makes them come out of a computer. Sometimes he plays all the instruments himself, sometimes he gets other people to play them, sometimes the instruments don’t exist.” In the words of Drowned in Sound, he “started making electronic music with songs in them in January 2005″. And in the words of Wikipedia “his musical style has been described as Aphex Twin meets the Beatles”. Which is just silly and tells you nothing. The Drowned in Sound boys made the bold claim on a recent podcast that Warmsley’s forthcoming album is the best album released by a solo artist this year. So not much to live up to then? We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

And now the reason for this post. He did a live studio session for John Kennedy on Xfm last week. He played four songs, backed by The Lemon Sharks, who are/were a band of his mates who had formed just for the occasion. And very good they all were. One of the songs was a cover of At The Drive-In’s One Armed Scissor, which works surprisingly well as an acoustic track.

Download: Jeremy Warmsley - I Believe in the Way You Move (live)
Download: Jeremy Warmsley - If I Had Only (live)
Download: Jeremy Warmsley - Ooh Wah Ooh (live)
Download: Jeremy Warmsley - One Armed Scissor (live)

Buy JW stuff from Pure Groove.

Stop press: JW has been out doing the acoustic live radio thing again, this time tonight on 6 Music. Here’s one that he played, which will be the b-side of his new single, I Believe in the Way You Move. BTW, the album’s out on 9 October.

Download: Jeremy Warmsley - Ice River Cold (live)

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  1. 1snelthus

    That’s the most sedate At The Drive In cover I’ve ever heard.

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