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Meet Evan Jones. He’s 13, and is the son of my friends Andrew and Sarah. He came along to Summer Sundae with the rest of us and it was his first festival experience. He was great to have around, particularly because he’s such a big music fan! After going on about the festival at great length myself over the past few days, I thought I’d give Evan the chance to share his festival highlights with the blogosphere, so here goes…

The brakes were certainly one of the highlights of summer sundae, made up of two members of electric soft parade, one of british sea power and another from the tenderfoot they ranged from sex pistol like pop songs to comical country tunes. Having missed some of the set due to a rumbling stomach and a nearby fish and chips van i did not see as much as i would of liked but what i did see was well preformed and was enough to keep me well interested despite the fact it is very easy to dose off in the comfortable balcony seats. This is only my first festival so i have nothing to compare it to but even i could tell this band could keep even some of the most snobbish rock lovers entertained.

The very best band of the festival were without a shadow of a doubt the buzzcocks. Loud and fast they lived up to there reputation it wasn’t until the last song (ever fallen in love) that the mosh pit started but when it did it started with a bang. It carried on all the way through the encore and having excused myself from a friend i ran to join in. My only regret is i didn’t get a chance to crowd surf, ah well maybe next time. The point is they rocked hard and didn’t let me down.

Download: Brakes - You’re So Pretty

Download: The Buzzcocks - What do I Get

Brakes photo stolen from Rick & Mindy’s Flickr stream

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  1. 1mjrc

    now here’s some irony for you. the buzzcocks did nothing for you and mrs. growl yet they were the hands-down favorite of the 13-year-old! kids these days, they’re full of surprises.

    thanks for letting evan have his say. it’s great to have his point of view.

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yeah funny, eh?

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