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OK, I know my blog is in danger of having to be renamed The Daily Lily Allen, but allow me one further post on the girl who some journalists in this country unbelievably still refer to as ‘Keith Allen’s daughter’ (thankfully the Americans and others overseas don’t have this problem).

It’s just to say that The Daily Growl was mentioned in the Observer’s full-page review of Lily’s gig at Bush Hall last week (see here for my review). In the corner there was a box with ‘the bloggers’ view’, with blurbs from me and music like dirt. It’s on the online version of their review as well (without the big photo)

And er, that’s about it. Normal service will resume soon…

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  1. 1musiclikedirt

    Great stuff. I’m having a no Lily Allen month to stop my blog becoming “Music like lily” too.

    Didnt get the Observer last week…typical! Nice to be quoted…although strictly speaking my first print quote wasnt even written by me lol

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