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Yesterday, to accompany me getting round to the last hurdle in my kitchen refit (for those of you who care, this was the first hurdle), I had BBC 6 Music’s nostalgia-fest that was The Class of ’91 (unsurprisingly featuring loads if music from that year). Now I don’t always go for nostalgia-fests, but this one was the business.

You see, 1991 was a big year for me and music. I had previously begun to get into Madchester and acid house, but I was always following my mates’ taste. In ’91 I felt like I was striking it out alone, what with my avid reading of the Melody Maker and NME to discover this brave new world of indie music. And in retrospect, it was a good year, as 6 Music no doubt also thought.

For me, there were albums from Throwing Muses (The Real Ramona), My Bloody Valentine (Loveless) and REM (Out of Time). I still remember the week that Screamadelica and Trompe le Monde came out. I also remember the Scream’s 10/10 review in NME. In the same issue’s reviews, the Pixies also fared well, as did a lesser-known Seattle grunge band called Nirvana.

And of course, there was Teenage Fanclub. Starsign was the soundtrack to my summer, along with shoegazing favourites from Moose, The Pale Saints, Chapterhouse and Lush. And then there was the excitement on the day in October Bandwagonesque was released, skipping lectures to go to Fopp and buy my copy! Ah, nostalgia.

Anyway, here are some tunes. In addition to the above indie stuff, there’s also a couple of albums from ‘91 that I came to appreciate later - Massive Attack’s Blue Lines and the Young Disciples’ Road to Freedom.

Download: Throwing Muses - Two Step (Buy)
Download: My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep (Buy)
Download: REM - Country Feedback (Buy)
Download: Primal Scream - Loaded (Buy)
Download: Pixies - Motorway to Rosswell (Buy)
Download: Teenage Fanclub: Alcoholiday (Buy)
Download: Massive Attack - Safe From Harm (Buy)
Download: Young Disciples - Apparently Nothin’ (Buy)

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