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David Sitek’s guitar has wind chimes hanging from the end. In a way, it’s an apt metaphor for TV on the Radio’s music. Rock, but with bells on. Sometimes it’s even real bells (of the small and hand-held variety) that they shake during some numbers.

TVOTR have just popped in to the UK for a couple of dates around their appearance at the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s day at ATP. I’m lucky enough to get to see them tonight. I haven’t seen them before, but have heard good things. And I’m not disappointed.

It took me a while to get into their debut album Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes. Maybe on the first listen I was looking for more tunes or something, but as I’ve discovered, that’s not really what they’re about. Their music is dense, complex and beautiful, but not particularly immediate. Give them time, and they will slowly creep up on you. Then you’ll realise you’re hooked.

Live, they take it to another level. There’s more energy, even more urgency in their performance, which really rubs off on the crowd. But they’re intense without being po-faced. Singer Tunde Adebimpe throws himself around the stage in a very focused way, but he also flashes us a lovely smile occasionally. They’re not too cool for school. They look like they really love what they’re doing.

The jazzy elements of Desperate Youth… is missing tonight, but there’s plenty else thrown into the mix. The beautifully blended harmonised and looped vocals. The swathes of layered guitar. The deep, pounding bass. The fantastic beats, which threaten to become just plain funky. Even more percussion, some added by members of support band Celebration coming onstage to help out. Heck, Tunde even pulls out a megaphone for one song. Aside from that, his voice has a fantastic range, going from silky gospel to rock roar and back.

The majority of their set seemed to be taken from their forthcoming album, Return to Cookie Mountain. That meant that most of the crowd won’t have heard the songs, but that didn’t seem to matter. They still sounded amazing. Of course most enthusiam was shown for known and loved numbers like Dreams and Staring at the Sun, but they even managed to top the lot by a spellbinding rendition of Ambulance as the final song in the encore. No guitars, just vocals, percussion and a bit of beatboxing from Sitek.

I so can’t wait for Cookie Mountain. And their return to London.

From Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes

Download: TVOTR - Dreams
Download: TVOTR - Ambulance

From The Return to Cookie Mountain

Download: TVOTR - Snakes & Martyrs
Download: TVOTR - Playhouses

Buy Desperate Youth… and pre-order …Cookie Mountain

4 Comments for “TV on the Radio @ ULU”

  1. 1arno

    they played a great show yesterday in Paris…and I’d love to track down some live MP3s from theirs concerts…
    Especially Staring at the sun and Ambulance…

  2. 2Annette

    I realise I am slightly biased but what about the amazing support Celebration? I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned them already!

  3. 3Anonymous

    Celebration were good, and even better whenever anyone from Tv On The Radio showed up and played with them…

  4. 4The Daily Growl

    Hey! Hold on! I’m going to (eventually) get round to doing a post on Celebration. They are worth one of their own. Now, I just need to get hold of some tracks…

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