Disco Pogo For Punks in Pumps - Volume 1

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Remember Jockey Slut? For those outside the UK, it was a music magazine which covered mainly electronic music, techno, leftfield and other assorted ‘dance’ stuff. It started its days back in the early nineties as a Manchester-based acid house fanzine, moving to Shoreditch in London in the late 90s and going glossy. It was [...]

The best of April

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Gosh, is it that time already? Oh well, late as usual, here are my picks of April.
Album of the month Calexico – Garden RuinDownload: Calexico - Cruel
I don’t seem to have bought that many albums this month, so I’m going for Calexico’s cracking latest. Their brilliant gig at the 100 Club no doubt [...]