The Scream team are back!

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…and not just back on this blog, after yesterday’s celebration of Give Out But Don’t Give Up. They’re back proper. Of course we already knew this, but I’ve finally got my hands on a copy of Country Girl (thanks Some Velvet Blog), so to celebrate, I’m posting it with a live version of the same song, which may or may not have been recorded at their recent Astoria comeback show. They’re both brilliant, though the live version doesn’t have that ace Maggie May-esque mandolin bit that the studio version does. Good to have them back.

Download: Primal Scream - Country Girl
Download: Primal Scream - Country Girl (live)

The return to rock ‘n’ roll isn’t the only connection between the new album and Give Out… They’re also using a William Eggleston photo for the cover (above). They previously used one of his photos on the cover of Give Out… (see yesterday’s post for that one).

And you can check out the video here (you’ll need Quicktime). Or if you do YouTube, here. It’s basically a solo version of many a British night out, expect dressed in a cowgirl outfit and set in California. Bob looks good in the Nudie Suit though…

7 Comments for “The Scream team are back!”

  1. 1jspaceman

    So the album’s apparently going to be called Riot City Blues? Can’t wait.

  2. 2Anonymous

    the live version is from the Astoria gig?


  3. 3The Daily Growl

    Not sure. Though Bobby’s introduction at the start of the song suggests it’s the first song of the set - and they did play it first at the Astoria gig. So, maybe…

  4. 4Mads Lerager

    Ahemmm… cover reaaaly looks alot like wannadies 1997 album Bagsy Me.

  5. 5The Daily Growl

    Oh yes - I remember the Wannadies! I reckon if anything the cover is a (unwitting) homage to the Eggleston photo?

  6. 6Mads Lerager

    What puzzles me is that they choose to use the same white bar and black font too, which were Wannadies addition too the eggleston photo…

  7. 7merz

    like that new primal scream!

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