Smothered in Hugs

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My friend Dan has been getting way too much exposure on this blog lately. However, here’s one more. I’m giving him another big up because I think it’s pretty cool. He’s doing an audio-visual presentation this Sunday evening at his church in Shoreditch, on Guided By Voices, a band he has a minor obsession with. Now, I know next to nothing about GBV, so am looking forward to finding out a bit more. Here’s a couple of his recommended tracks from the band’s Bee Thousand and Propeller albums:

Download: Guided By Voices - Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy (Propeller)
Download: Guided By Voices - Queen of Cans and Jars (Bee Thousand)

The presentation is called Smothered in Hugs: the legacy of Guided By Voices, and is on at about 7:30pm, following the evening service. If you’re in East London, pop in (info on the flyer below). How often do you get to go to church to hear about a legendary indie band? Take the chance!

Here’s one more - the title track of the presentation (also from Bee Thousand).

Download: Guided By Voices - Smothered in Hugs

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  1. 1stevedomino

    GBV are a band i “got” (despite long-term exposure from various friends) at precisely the point after which they’d split up! classic timing. and my, is that back catalogue intimidating! this talk sounds really cool - i hope it goes well for your friend!

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yeah - it’s the back catalogue that I find daunting! Maybe there’s a way in. Maybe I’ll get them too

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