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I officially love BBC 6 Music. Yeah, I’ve listened to it off and on on the online listen again, but since I got my shiny new digital radio last month, it’s been my main station (as well as John Kennedy on Xfm and a steady dose of Radio 4). I always seem to end up listening to the Evening Sequence with Tom Robinson . Maybe it’s because if I’m at home on weeknights, this is when I’m cooking or washing up.

The show’s pretty good. As well as introducing me to new stuff like Larrakin Love and Lupen Crook recently, it’s given me a good few blasts from the past. Here are three that stand out in my mind from the last week or so. Ash’s divine Angel Interceptor that had me dancing round the kitchen like it was 1996 and I was 21 all over again. Pulp’s grand conscious opus Help the Aged from the under-rated This is Hardcore. And from only a few years ago, The Blueskins’ unnoticed, but bristlingly good Change My Mind. I hear they’re back, which is probably a good thing.

Download: Ash - Angel Interceptor
Download: Pulp - Help the Aged
Download: The Blueskins - Change My Mind

The above pic is from my weekend Drummond Street excursion. There are more at The Way We See It and even more at my Flickr site.

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  1. 1Lauren

    yes the blueskins are back and better than ever. Change My Mind will be rereleased on October 16. Spread the word!

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