Do you hate bendy buses?

Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 16:47 | Category : Uncategorized
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I’m a bit late with this one. A week late in fact. Because in last week’s Time Out magazine, my mate Dan got their ‘website of the week’ for his site I hate bendy buses. The link has been on my blog for months, but he’s finally got the popular acclaim he’s been waiting for. If you don’t know what bendy buses are, go here. If you hate them too, go to the site and buy one of these nifty badges. If you like them, well….

Anyway, I’m not a big fan either, although I don’t have that much cause to use them. I feel sorry for people who live in Hackney though - it’s the only London borough without a tube station, but now they can have all the cramped and unconfortable conditions of the Undergound on the road!

And since this is an mp3 blog, I’ll take the opportunity to post a bit of bendy bus-related confusion that’s available on the website. Bendy bus on fire.

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