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There’s a great London website I came across recently. It’s called The Way We See It and it’s basically sets of photos submitted by people who go to a specific London street in a given week, and take photos of it - in the way they see it. A selection of these are posted up each week. It’s a unique and characteristic view of parts of London from different cameras and viewpoints.

In their own words:

The really interesting thing - well to me anyway - has been how differently people perceive the same place or object and to a lesser extent, the way that they use their cameras to capture this.

This is the fundamental idea behind The Way We See Things [sic]. Given a chosen location, how would a bunch of different photographers capture this? What would they see that others missed, how would they use their creative juices to produce an image that made you think - ‘is that really the same place that I went to?’ And I guess to a lesser extent the site may give some an introduction to the wonderful diversity of London”

I’ve perused it with interest for a few weeks, then last week I got down to Elephant & Castle with my camera and took a few pics. I sent them to TWWSI and they’re on there. I’ve put the same featured photos on this post, so if you go to the site, you can find out my real name!

There are more Elephant pics on my Flickr site.

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