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Today I’ve been trying to find out some current info on Hayley Willis, an artist who thrilled me a couple of years ago with her album Come Get Some. But it’s been pretty hard.

She emerged with that album, recorded under her surname and released on 679 records, in the latter half of 2003. It was (and still is) a real treat, chock-full of earthy, funky rock ‘n’ soul. Her music and her great vocals impressed more than a few people at the time and it got a load of good reviews. In early 2004 she released an EP (including a fine bluesy take on Cameo’s Word Up) and then promptly disappeared.

Although all is not lost. A couple of months ago, I heard Rob da Bank playing a new song, which turns out to be a limited 7 inch single called Get in the Ring. It’s good, and it pretty much continues from where Come Get Some left off.

But what else? The b-side sounds like a home recording of some kids singing Paper and Stone (off the album) – so does that signify a lack of new material? And like I said, it’s been hard to find current info on her (and even harder to find a photo – hence just the album cover above) No sign of her on the 679 records website (was she dropped?), and although her website is still active, there’s not a lot of info on there either. So I’ve emailed her to ask what’s up. Hopefully I’ll hear soon. If anybody else knows, drop me a line…

In the meantime, here’s that new single and a couple of tracks off the album.

Download: Willis - Get in the Ring
Download: Willis – Paper and Stone
Download: Willis – Take You High

Buy Willis CDs and 7 inches.

8 Comments for “Come get some”

  1. 1Ed

    I agree, come get some was a brilliant album, i remember november being particularly haunting, and was looking for some stuff recently, but was unsuccessful.
    i was lucky enough to interview willis at the time the album was out, she was lovely, really nice to talk to, and then saw her play, which was an equal treat, her and the two musicians from her album.
    another highlight of the night was seeing aidan smith play, if you’ve never heard of him, check out his debut double EP at home with…

    just wondering, do u have her word up cover, she did it live and it was great and i’ve always wanted a copy

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yeah I saw her at the old Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms. Brilliant gig (was that the same gig you mention? if it was I missed Aidan Smith).
    I do have the Word Up cover - I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow.

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  4. 4Anonymous

    The song links are not working, Can you fix plz???

  5. 5Anonymous

    Fix links please… Or where can we get Willis’ downloadz???



  6. 6Anonymous

    I too would like the links to be fixed. I would love to buy an album online but I paying $10 for shipping is not an option.

  7. 7BackSpin Records

    Should anyone by some wild chance read this, I have the willis LP on vinyl for sale on ebay - larrystarr is my seller name.

    I can’t find much about Willis either, but I did find this blog :)

  8. 8Marsha

    Just happened to see that episode of CSI tonight, which was funny, because I’ve been scanning the repeats AND the cable channel that seems to show all CSI, all the time… just to get a hit on that song.

    Voila! Unfortunately your UK link to Willis is dead, blech.

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