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First up on XL week is be your own PET. There’s been a lot about these Nashville teenage punks around since they burst onto the scene last year, but now the time of reckoning has come and their eponymous new album is out today. And it’s a lot better than I expected. I was expecting bratty, snotty punky noises of not much substance. And although the noise bit is true, and the tracks don’t alter much in style or speed, it’s a refreshing short sharp (most tracks clock in about 2 minutes) blast of energy which is pretty compelling, and gives you the necessary jolt on your way to work on a Monday morning. Give me their 1 min 45 sec Stairway to Heaven over Zep’s bloated number any day.

It’s one of these albums that’s worth sticking with (not that it’ll take you long – all 15 tracks are over in 33 minutes) because the last four songs are the pick of the bunch. October, First Account is the only track on which they slow their frenetic pace, and they end up sounding like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (which is no bad thing). Love your Shotgun contains the distinctly un-punky line “I hate it, this riot / all I wanted was a room at the Hyatt”. Maybe they’re considering future stardom and Courtney Love-style eccentricities for frontwoman Jemina Pearl. And the seemingly zombie-inspired OUCH is a great way to end the album, complete with strangling groaning noises.

All this and no Damn Damn Leash! Well, that’ll surely be making some more money on Ebay now…

Download: be your own PET - Stairway to Heaven
Download: be your own PET – Love Your Shotgun
Download: be your own PET – Fill My Pill

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