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I was pretty pleased the other week to hear that M Craft is back. “Was he ever here?” I hear you say. Well, he was, briefly, back in 2004, when I managed to see him three times in the space of a few months. In that time the East London-based Aussie singer-songwriter released a mini-album and a 7” single, and managed to gather a heap of critical acclaim, with publications from the music mags to Dazed and Confused to Time Out weighing in their support.

I first saw Martin (for that is his name) playing with Hot Chip and Joy Zipper in a show that can still be viewed here, and was immediately impressed by his well, er, crafted songs, which had great hooks, even grooves, and that special somthing which set them apart from a lot of generic singer-songwriter fayre. But after a load of free gigs, mainly around Shoreditch and North London, he had disappreared from the radar by the end of the summer and last year I feared he may have slipped into nothingness, just like another old favourite Hackney band, Lincoln (if anyone has any info about them, let me know).

But now I know. According to his recently remodelled website, a lengthy blurb explains his falling on hard times, horrific injury and struggling through the odds to create his new album. Who knows, if the album’s a hit, they may even make a biopic.

Anyway, it’s glad to have him back, and glad that unlike his ex-labelmate Willis, 679 Records haven’t dropped him, and will be releasing his new album Silver and Fire on 22 May. He plays a gig on the same day at the Islington Bar Academy. Spoon and New Pornographers fans should look out for him supporting at Koko on 16 May. There’s apparently a mid-April central London show to be confirmed. Keep checking Eat Your Own Ears for details.

Looking forward to the album then. In the meantime here’s some tracks from the 2004 7 inch single - the lead track Emily Snow, Sweets (off the mini-album) and Dragonfly (which will be on the new album). I reckon fans of the likes of Badly Drawn Boy and Jose Gonzales will find a lot to enjoy here.

Download: M. Craft - Emily Snow
Download: M. Craft - Sweets
Download: M. Craft - Dragonfly

More M. Craft tunes available when you:

- Sign up to his mailing list (you get free new track ‘Demons’)
- Go to his MySpace Site and download free track ‘Love Knows How to Fight’
- Got to TuneTribe and buy this ace new single Silver and Fire / You are the Music.

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  1. 1Hugo

    hey i was just wondering if you could send me M. Craft’s DRAGONFLY as i can’t download it…

    thanks, reply to AFCPIRES7@GMAIL.COM :)

  2. 2forest garden

    hi I really love DRAGONFLY and i have the same problem with hugo. Could you please email the song to me too?
    thanks! icewit414@gmail.com

  3. 3Anonymous

    Hello, I love DRAGONFLY, so I have a same problem with hugo and forest garden, so me too, Could you send to email this song me too?
    thanks a lot!

    MSN: kittyangel@hotmail.fr

  4. 4Anonymous

    Hey, I heard this song on the skins tv programme and loved it and was wondering if you could send the file to my e mail as i am unable to download from the link, if you can send it to nexeis@hotmail.com


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