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I finally got to see Walk the Line on Monday. What a great movie! It’s one of these films that everyone you know who’s seen it loves it. OK, maybe that’s just me - but whoever they are - friends or colleagues - everyone to a person really liked it. Not just ‘Oh, it’s OK’. More ‘it was really good’.

Maybe it’s because it’s such a fantastic story. And the fine performances help a lot. I mean - Joaquin Phoenix - he doesn’t look a whole lot like Johnny, but boy, does he inhabit the person of Cash and make us feel like we’re watching the man himself. The mannerisms, the style, just whe whole damn cool lot. Heck, I probably won’t even be disappointed if he beats Philip Seymour Hoffman to the Best Actor Oscar. And Reese Witherspoon - I really like her, and I really enjoyed seeing her in a decent film instead of the guff she usually crops up in.

It’s one of these films I could watch over and over again - even if just for the music. The music! How good is that (and how well did Reese and Joaquin do to actually sing? How I wish I could have seen him (them) live. Oh well, I’ll just to have to listen to these prison albums over and over. I put on Folsom the other night, and it still sounds amazing. Especially after seeing the film.

So here are a couple of tracks from Folsom. Plus a couple from the brilliant Unearthed box set - from the Trouble in Mind CD. Unlike the American albums, which are mostly stripped down and acoustic, this CD has people like Tom Petty and Carl Perkins coming in and they really let rip. I reckon there’s only so much downbeat Johnny could do. They sound like they’re enjoying themselves here.

From Folsom:

Download: Jackson
Download: I Got Stripes

From Unearthed:

Download: Down The Line
Download: Everybody’s Trying to be my Baby

Buy Folsom here. Get somone to buy you Unearthed here - it’s a fine present.

(PS - what’s wrong with EZArchive today? It’s like being on bloody dialup. Is it jsut me?)

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