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Another Monday night in Soho at the Arts Club. Another Pawn Shop with The Shortwave Set and their assorted friends. Like last time we had ‘Des O’Connor’ the self-styled compere of the Pawn Shop with his sparkly ditties. Unlike last time we had a set by The Superimposers (above), doing their lovely 70s folky thing (shame they were a bit drowned out by the loud chatter). And like last time we had The Shortwave Set - pretty much the same set as two weeks ago, but who’s complaining? Still sounding great.

One of the prizes on the tombola this week was the second prize (the first was of course, Babycham and Terry’s All Gold), of getting to play with the band on their last number - the noisy wig-out at the end of ‘In Your Debt’. So some bloke called Kieran got up and had a go, to much popular acclaim.

No pictures of the SS this time - I was too far back and there were too many heads in the way. Anyway, not that they’re going to look much different from last time.

The Shortwave Set are taking the Pawn Shop on the road for a wee national tour. See their website for more details. Get there if you can…

Here’s a couple of tunes. The glorious ‘Is it any wonder’ one of my favourite songs from last year, and ‘Better than bad’ which prompted a mass singalong on both Pawn Shops I’ve been to.

Download Better Than Bad
Download Is it Any Wonder

Buy ‘The Debt Collection’ and other SS goodies here.

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