Yippie, Yindie, Yupster… which are you?

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I’m a bit late on this one, but I’ve just been alerted to a piece in The Independent last week about the new socio-economic group the ‘Yindie’, basically a indie yuppie. There’s even a quiz to determine if you are one. Hey - you’re reading a blog, so you could be one yourself!

Because you have to bloody pay the Independent a quid to read the article (and I bet they wonder why The Guardian site is way more popular than theirs), I won’t link to it, but someone else has thoughtfully pasted the whole thing in their blog.

Now there are probably some people out there who may contest that I am a yindie. Maybe because:

I have an iPod (but not a nano)

I listen to indie music on it (but what is ‘wry northern indie’? - is this old northern stuff like the Stone Roses or new northern stuff like Maximo Park and Arctic Monkeys. Anyway, the answer to all that is no)

But for the rest of the quiz, the Yindie options are all the wrong answers. On the surface of things, it may seem like just a bit of fun, but with heavyweights like Newsweek weighing in (they call ‘em ‘Yupsters’), it looks like it’s a serious phenomenon folks! Really, there’s all sorts of variations on the name, most a bit of a laugh (I like the ‘hipisters’ who listen to trendy folk music). But watch out, the LA weekly prophecies there could be serious consequences to all this hipster/huckster/hindie nonsense….

Maximo Park - the ultimate Yindie band?

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  1. 1ems

    Can’t you get girl yindies?

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