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What’s happening to my blog? It’s meant to be on music, film and a bit on London. And I end up doing repeated posts on two things which are really my least favourite subjects - Big Brother and George Galloway! Well I guess it is a London issue, and maybe it’s because here I am willing my supposed local MP to let the rest of the country see what an idiot he is!

Or maybe it’s because of the fuss it’s kicking up over the place. Fair enough, with most reasonable people (apart from George’s Respect drones) being fairly unimpressed at his vainglorious antics. In fact, some reasonable people (presumably some of his constituents) have set up a website letting us know how much his sojourn in the BB house is costing us. And recently they’ve added a ‘back to work’ petition, which I’d encourage any fellow consituent to sign. Mind you, if he is evicted this weekend, he won’t be back doing consituency work. He’ll probably go on some national tour, bleating about how Channnel 4 has ‘censored’ his views.

I see the aforementioned Respect drones have come out in their leader’s defence, claiming that the consituency office is still running as normal (it probably is, since George is never there), and that George is actually doing us a favour by representing “the ‘wider issues’ of his constituents”. They’re sounding very new Labour really, in their defence of the indefensible.

Still, maybe George will succeed in his stated aim of bringing politics to a wider, unengaged audience. Maybe all these apathetic, apolitical young people watching will be saying, “I used to think that politicians were all cynical, greedy, self-serving nasties who are only in politics for what they can personally gain. But after watching that George Galloway, I can see he’s different. He’s not like them!”

Just like Respect are so radically different from New Labour…

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  1. 1Paul Linford

    Yeah, this blog’s getting far too political in my view ;-)

    I wonder if George Galloway is a Lambchop fan?

  2. 2The Daily Growl

    Yeah I know. I should leave it to the experts! However, I have enjoyed ranting about Geroge, and have wasted too much time today on the Guardian blog, initially exercised, then bored with the debate.

    I wonder what GG’s favourite music is? Doubt if it’s Lambchop though.

    Thanks for the link! I’ll give you one too…

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