James Cooper & The Protectors at The Betsy Trotwood 19 January

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The music mags have long done their tips for 2006, though Time Out has just belatedly (with very nice pics) done theirs. On none of these lists however, was James Cooper, but maybe he should be. His debut album ‘Second Season’ is a cracker – a classic slice of Americana-flecked guitar pop, evoking such singer-songwriters [...]

Kitchen sink drama - the plot progresses

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Mike Leigh, eat your heart out…

Hidden (Caché)

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I managed to break away from the kitchen sink for a few hours on Monday night to see (courtesy of Time Out) a preview screening of Michael Haneke’s excellent new film ‘Hidden’, starring Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche. The Gallic superstars brilliantly play a husband (Georges) and wife (Anne) – he the host [...]

My kitchen sink drama

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Not many blog posts lately. Here’s why…

I’d like to thank….

Wednesday, 18 January 2006, 9:54 | Category : Uncategorized
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I have to admit it. As much as I like to talk down Hollywood and mainstream movie crap, I’m a sucker for awards ceremonies like the Oscars and the Golden Globes, even if the best movies, directors and actors always lose out to inferior ones. But not always. It’s always a joy to see quality [...]

Marshall in Memphis

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Last week I managed to get a sneaky copy of the first great album of 2006 - ‘The Greatest’ by Cat Power. For anyone who doesn’t know, Cat Power is Atlanta native, New York resident Chan Marshall, who does a nice line in stripped down guitar and piano indie pop. Only this time she’s gone [...]

Yippie, Yindie, Yupster… which are you?

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I’m a bit late on this one, but I’ve just been alerted to a piece in The Independent last week about the new socio-economic group the ‘Yindie’, basically a indie yuppie. There’s even a quiz to determine if you are one. Hey - you’re reading a blog, so you could be one yourself!
Because you have [...]

Can we get excited by the Brits?

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Well, not really, but I’m tired of talking about George now. I’m going back to music today. And the announcement yesterday of the Brit Award nominees gives me a chance to do just that. The annual industry back-slapping time is well underway, with lots of prizes for mediocrity to go round. And what [...]

Give a little Respect?

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What’s happening to my blog? It’s meant to be on music, film and a bit on London. And I end up doing repeated posts on two things which are really my least favourite subjects - Big Brother and George Galloway! Well I guess it is a London issue, and maybe it’s because here I am [...]

Keeping in touch with my MP…

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Looks like Big Brother isn’t just watching you George, he may well be stopping your ‘views’ being aired as much as you’d like. The Guardian yesterday reported that Channel 4 may be preventing him using the show as a political soapbox, which was his very reason for going in in the first place!
A Channel 4 [...]