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Saturday, 17 December 2005, 10:07 | Category : Uncategorized
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I’m looking forward to some new tunes from my homeland in early 2006! OK, there were some Scottish bands doing some OK stuff in 2005, but honestly, my life favourites Teenage Fanclub’s return after 5 years left me just a wee bit disappointed, and although Franz Ferdinand’s new album was good, it didn’t quite have the appeal of the first, and it quite wasn’t enough to get into my top ten (or even 15) of 2005.

So I’m excited particularly about new releases from old faves Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai. B&S’s The Life Pursuit is out on 6 Feb and Mogwai’s new album Mr Beast is out on 6 March. However, tracks from both albums are already all over the internet. You can get tracks from the likes of here and here. Or just type the bands’ names into Hype Machine.

Interestingly B&S seem to be experimenting with glam rock and some of the trendy spiky guitar sounds. The first Mogwai tracks I heard were ‘Glasgow Mega-Snake’ and ‘We’re No Here’ which indicated a much heavier sound to their previous albums, but since then I’ve come across tracks that even feature slide guitars! Mind you the meaty rock of these two named tunes kept me sane and blocked away from inane Xmas music in the madness that is Oxford Street last night…

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