Last day of the Routemaster

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So that was it. On Friday the last Routmaster made it’s last trip from Marble Arch to Brixton Garage, with a human cargo consisting entirely of Routemaster enthusiasts (as opposed to people who actually wanted to go to Streatham Hill) and with the road south well-lined with RM fans, clicking their cameras, whistling and cheering. I happen to work on the 159 route, so I popped out at lunchtime to see the traffic islands around Lambeth North tube station, packed with well-wishers (see below). I think the bus above is actually the last one. On my way to my fine local Italian caff at I caught the loud cheers from the bus stop across the road, and the passengers inside taking the acclaim like public transport royalty!

So farewell Routemaster. You were a London icon. You will be missed. As the last bus headed down Kennington Road, I saw one of the the new generation of 159s heading up towards me. Shame, I thought, bought my custard tarts and headed back to work…

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  1. 1Phu

    I was on the 159 (think the second from last one) it was funny how much of a fuss was made. Schoolkids with union jacks in brixton, disabled lobby groups protesting (even they they’d already won?)

    it will be a shame not to see the rm rumbling through streatham any more.


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