Is iTunes killing record shops?

Friday, 25 November 2005, 12:38 | Category : Uncategorized
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The Guardian yesterday told us that:

Lovers of the old-fashioned record shop should think about going into mourning - an online music store has outsold two of its high street rivals for the first time.

But then we find out that the ‘old-fashioned record shops’ are Tower and Borders! I think lovers of music, and old-fashioned record shops will actually be quite heartened to see iTunes overtake a souless emporium that doesn’t sell records anyway, and a bloody bookshop!

Old-fashioned record shops are more like this, and there’ll always be a place for them, as long as there are music lovers. We’ll continue to buy our records and CDs from shops like this, and buy songs from iTunes and the like. I don’t really mind if Borders concentrates on selling books - that’s what they’re good at. Who buys CDs from there anyway?

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