Psycho: the rom-com?

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There’s an article in Time Out magazine this week about how marketing for films can be misleading. Really? It’s a real shame for the poor fools who go to see a film based solely on the poster. Take for instance the person who went to see Dark Water expecting a ’supernatural frightfest’ and got “a load of sickening twoddle about a mother and daughters relationship” [sic]. Well, if you don’t bother to look further than the wall, you shouldn’t get too upset mate.

However, the best thing about the article is the reference to some people who have taken this misleading advertising to the next level and created ‘cheekily reconstituted trailer(s) in which moments from the original movie are cunningly slotted into a new an decidedly contrary context’. Unfortunately TO didn’t say where these were, but a quick Google found them. Check out The Tattered Coat for a good set of posts with links to most of these.

There’s ‘The Shining’ (or rather ‘Shining’) as a nice family film - maybe as redone by Nora Ephron. There’s Psycho as a rom-com (’meet Marion’ and ‘meet Norman’, two people brought happily together in a rainstorm), and ‘Titanic’ as a teen slasher flick. Lots of fun to be had there. I’d be happy to see some more of these from elsewhere too…

PS. There’s a great mock-up of a ‘Taxi Driver’ poster above the TO magazine article, which shows the smiling faces of Foster, De Niro and Shepherd, with the line ’sometimes it pays to go that extra mile for someone you love’. Very nice. Wonder if there’s a scan of it anywhere?

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